Visual benefits of living green walls

Visual benefits of living green walls

Living in urban environments, we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution.

This is not the way we’re meant to live. Humans has always had an evolutionary bond with plants since the beginning of time and it has a profound impact on our physical and mental wellness and there are many visual benefits of living plant walls and vertical gardens.

Through human evolution, the human eye can distinguish between 2,000 shades of green, but only 100 shades of red. Recognizing the different shades of green was important when you were about to eat it or use it for shelter or medicine. This could be one of the reasons why we feel so comfortable around plants. Being surrounded by nature softens this harsh environment, acting as an ease to stress and fatigue. Living green walls provide a substantial and spiritual connection to nature, which is missing in our modern concrete jungle.

Studies and research have shown that simply having a view of greenery in a working environment encourages positive physiological responses and increases productivity.

A scientific report carried out at Washington State University investigated the impact of the addition of indoor plants to a college computer lab environment and had participants’ blood pressure and emotional well-being monitored while completing a simple, timed computer task in the presence or absence of plants. It concluded that when plants were added to the indoor space:

  • More productive (12% quicker reaction time on the computer task)
  • Less stressed (systolic blood pressure readings lowered by one to four units)
  • Participants with plants in the room felt more present and reported feeling more attentive than people in the room with no plants
  • Plants help people to feel more relaxed and focused, which lead to an increase in productivity, creativity, idea generation, and problem-solving capabilities

Furthermore, having plants indoors reduces symptoms of discomfort. Gardens that are incorporated into hospitals have been shown to improve their well-being and calm patients leading to the improvement in clinical outcomes and shortened stays.

There are many visual benefits of living plant walls and having plants around you can drastically improve focus and general wellbeing. We at PlantWallBox are dedicated to making your interiors healthier and more relaxing spaces! It is cheaper, has lower operating costs, uses much less electricity, constantly filters the air and has positive physiological benefits.


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